Blosser Brothers (Lee and John) Scholarship

Blosser Brothers (Lee and John) Scholarship

Purpose: For Smithville High School seniors who are physically handicapped and/or studying agriculture. (Scholarship Fund)

The Blosser Brothers Scholarship

John and Lee Blosser’s parents moved from Mt. Eaton, Ohio, to Smithville, Ohio, in 1935. John and Lee were handicapped and lived with their parents on the family farm all of their lives. They graduated from Smithville High School. Lee recalled that John did not particularly love going to school. Lee said that when the school bus passed their house and John didn’t have to get on it, it was a good day. However, Lee believed that John would be proud of establishing this scholarship for Smithville High School seniors. John loved farming and worked on the family farm until his death. Lee enjoyed working the farm but also enjoyed the Amish taxi business. Lee was more business minded.

In 2006, Lee sold the family farm but had lifetime rights, and he worked with a local attorney while negotiating the sale of the farm. Lee was interested in using some of the proceeds from the sale of the farm to establish a scholarship fund for Smithville High School students. When Lee mentioned the idea of the scholarship to his attorney, the Wayne County Community Foundation was recommended and a WCCF Annual Report was shared with Lee.

When Lee read the Annual Report, he was impressed by the number of contributors who supported the Foundation and also the number of funds administered by the Foundation. WCCF was then contacted to finalize the creation of the scholarship fund. Lee said that some of the criteria for the scholarship were somewhat of an afterthought. He knew that he wanted to give back to the Smithville community but after thinking about it, he also wanted to give preference to physically handicapped students and to applicants studying some field of agriculture. The scholarship became available to Smithville High School graduates in 2007.

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