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Give 365 - hands inTogether, we can do more.

GIVE 365 unites and informs emerging philanthropists to make a collective impact on Wayne County, Ohio. With only $1 a day – or $365 a year – pooled with gifts from other donors, members can join together to make a greater impact with their philanthropic dollars, while learning about the nonprofits which are making our communities better places to live and work. It also gives nonprofit organizations a way to demonstrate, to a captive audience, their impact and their potential.


Why Should You Give 365?
Because anyone can be a philanthropist.

GIVE 365 allows you to leverage your charitable contributions with others to support nonprofits throughout Wayne County. The larger the membership in the fund, the greater the impact.

Through GIVE 365, you will engage in philanthropy with your peers. You will share what you know, and you will learn about the issues facing Wayne County and the agencies that work to make our community a better place.

Who is eligible to join?
Anyone! The annual contribution is $365 – a dollar a day, payable by June 30th each year. We offer annual or quarterly payment options. All gifts are tax deductible.

Where does my gift go?
Annual membership gifts, matches and general donations up to $3,649 are allocated 50/50 between the GIVE 365 annual grant fund and the GIVE 365 permanent endowment fund.

Lifetime membership gifts of $3,650 or more are allocated at 5% to the GIVE 365 annual grant fund in the year received, and 95% to the GIVE 365 permanent endowment fund.

The GIVE 365 endowment fund is a permanent charitable account where the principal is retained and invested. Every year, the earnings are used to provide charitable grants in an area decided by GIVE 365 members, in accordance with the Wayne County Community Foundation’s spending policy. Over time, the fund’s balance will grow, as will annual income available for grant making. (See Power of Endowment to see how the Fund can grow over time). 

How do I become a part of GIVE 365?
It’s simple. Contact the Foundation at [email protected] or 330.262.3877. You can also download a Membership Form or make your donation online!

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