Financial Stewardship

The primary objective for the investments of the Wayne County Community Foundation is the preservation of capital while providing for the long-term growth of principal without undue exposure to risk.  A copy of the WCCF Investment Policy Guidelines is available by contacting our office at 330-262-3877.

Asset Allocation

The goal of the Foundation’s investment program is to preserve and enhance the value of donor gifts, build capital for the future, and meet community needs today. To accomplish these ends, we maintain a diversified portfolio overseen by multiple managers. The Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees, chaired by J.C. Johnston III, regularly reviews the asset allocation strategy.

Asset Allocation as of November 2020
Asset TypeTargetTolerance Range
US Large Cap Equities35%25% - 45%
US Mid Cap Equities5%0% - 10%
US Small Cap Equities5%0% - 10%
International Equities20%10% - 30%
Alternative Investments10%0% - 20%
   Fixed Income & Cash25%15% - 35%

Investment Committee

Members of the Foundation’s Investment Committee establish policy, hire investment managers, and evaluate performance. In turn, the Investment Committee is advised by independent investment consultants, Clearstead of Cleveland, with regard to all aspects of the Foundation’s portfolio. The Foundation retains The Commercial & Savings Bank and Fidelity Investments for banking and custody services.

 Current Members

J.C. Johnston III, Chair   Brent Steiner
Marlene Barkheimer   Mary Alice Streeter
Adam Briggs   Howard Wenger
Mike Jarrett   Ronald Holtman, Trustee Emeritus
Steve Matthew   Sara Patton, Ex-officio

Investment Returns

Overall, our fiscal year ending June 30, 2021 resulted in an investment gain of 24.4%. The return rate is net of all investment and banking fees, except for WCCF's administrative fee (ranging from 0.5% to 1.0%, depending on type and/or size of the Fund). Below are the Foundation's investment returns over one, three and five year periods.

1 Year3 Years5 Years
 24.4% 10.2% 9.8%


Second Quarter 2021 Investment Performance

(as of 6/30/21)
1 Year3 Year5 Year
WCCF8.1%   24.4%   10.2%   9.8%
Benchmark*7.4%   23.5%   10.3%   9.5%
*A blend of 25% S&P 500, 5% Russell MidCap, 5% Russell 2000,
20% MSCI ACWI ex USA, 20% Total Alternatives Benchmark, 
25% BBgBarc US Aggregate TR.

The above investment performance is net of all investment fees.


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