Types of Funds

Wayne County Community Foundation offers a range of charitable funds that allow individuals, families, and businesses to choose the best vehicle to accomplish their philanthropic goals. Establishing a fund at Wayne County Community Foundation is an easy and effective way to invest in your community. Listed below are the types of funds available to our donors:

Type of FundWhat It IsAdvisorMinimum Gift
to Establish
Community FundAn unrestricted permanent fund that allows the Foundation Board to address a wide range of community issues – including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time the
gift is made.
The donor relies on the Foundation’s Board to distribute money from the fund to address the ever-changing needs of Wayne County.$10,000
Field of Interest FundA fund that names a specific area of interest, such as education or the arts, as the recipient of grants from the fund.The donor relies on the Foundation or other named Advisor to distribute money from the fund to institutions within that area of interest.$10,000 
Designated Fund
(often used for capital campaigns)
A fund that names a specific charitable entity as its beneficiary. The donor has indicated the grant recipient in the fund agreement.$10,000 
Donor or Corporate
Advised Fund
This fund enables donors to make suggestions for grants to charitable causes of donor’s choice.Donors are permitted to make grant recommendations. This privilege may also be extended to children of the donor, depending on the size of the Fund.$10,000 
Scholarship FundSupports the education of local students with grants to pursue post-secondary education.Scholarship recipients are selected by a committee outlined in the fund document.$20,000 
Agency FundA fund providing stable, predictable sources of income and future financial security to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.The organization specifies representatives who are permitted to request distributions from the fund in accordance with the provisions of the fund agreement.$10,000 

Each of our fund types may begin as an Acorn Fund. With their significantly lower minimums, these funds allow for younger families or seniors on fixed incomes to establish legacies on an installment basis. To learn more about establishing your fund at Wayne County Community Foundation, please call 330-262-3877 or email us at [email protected].

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