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Whether you are an attorney, estate planner, accountant, or financial advisor, you always have your clients’ best interests at heart. So do we. Let’s work together to help your clients achieve their charitable giving goals. 

This page includes tips and resources for working in partnership with the Foundation. Looking for some high-level information? Download our Advisor Charitable Solutions Guide now.

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For more than 40 years, Wayne County Community Foundation has worked hand-in-hand with professional advisors to help their clients achieve their philanthropic goals.

Alongside your expertise as a professional advisor, we keep a pulse on giving trends and the best ways to structure tax-wise charitable gifts from year-to-year,  given changes in legislation and markets – and if we don’t know an answer about potentially complicated gift scenarios, we have access to knowledgeable partners who can get us answers quickly.

Whether you’re a CPA exploring the advantages of “bunching” when starting a donor advised fund, a lawyer working on an estate plan for the future, or a financial advisor helping to compare the difference between setting up a commercial gift fund versus a fund at a community foundation, we can help you weigh various options to ensure that you’re helping your clients make the most informed decisions possible.  

Make Giving Easy for Your Clients

Most of the professional advisors with whom we partner are looking for concise information regarding our finances and investments, how their clients can make gifts to the causes they care about quickly and easily, and sample bequest language they can use to get started on client wills and bequests. If you’re looking for additional information or you’d like to discuss a topic we haven’t covered here, please reach out.

Finances + Investments
Gather information about our financial and investment strategies for your clients, so they can feel good about our ability to meet philanthropic wishes now and community needs in the future.
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Ways to Give
Learn how your clients can reduce their capital gains tax and increase their charitable giving through appreciated securities and other tax-wise ways to give.
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Sample Bequest Language
Review our sample language for consideration to include in your clients’ bequests – from leaving unrestricted gifts to the Foundation or adding to an existing fund, there are numerous options to explore.
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Other Helpful Links for Advisors

Below are a number of other helpful resources for you to explore, as well as documents designed to provide you and your clients with the details you need to inform and facilitate philanthropic giving through Wayne County Community Foundation. 

Advisor Insights: News and Resources for Professional Advisors
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